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Replica Old West Guns - USA M1873 Cavalry Pistol - Blued

Single action revolver with 7 barrel. Action works! Spin the cylinders, cock the hammer and pull the trigger. Complete with wood grips. Weight: 2 lbs The Colt Single Action Army revolver, aka Colt Peacemaker or Single Action Army model, is a single action revolver safely holding 5 rounds with an empty chamber under the hammer. It was designed for the US cavalry by Colt’s Manufacturing Company and adopted in 1873. It was one of the most famous pistols of the old west, having a similar fame as the Walker Colt and the Colt 1851 Navy. The .45 Colt ammunition is a protruding-rim cartridge originally loaded with black powder and intended for use in revolvers. A super piece for your collection! A conversation starter for sure! Be sure to look at our Wood and glass top display boxes and our holsters and dummy bullets for that costume. Weight: 2 lbs

Replicas – Old West Guns USA M1873 Cavalry Pistol – Blued

USA M1873 Cavalry Pistol – Blued Price: $102

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