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Replica Historic Models - U-2R 1 72

Our U-2R model aircraft is modeled and handcrafted using various high-quality grade materials by our renowned master craftsmen. Our U-2R model aircraft is uniquely designed and manufactured using the latest innovations and techniques applied in the over-all manufacturing and operation process procedures. The model airplane?s parts including the fuselage, wings and glass cockpit are extremely accurate and precise based on the original. This model aircraft will fascinate anyone, aviation enthusiast and model aircraft collectors alike for its remarkable and exceptional quality. This elegant U-2R model aircraft is definitely the perfect gift and collectible you would want to give to your friends and family. U-2R Model Airplane History: ockheed U-2 (Dragon Lady) is a single-engine, high-altitude aircraft. The U-2 was flown by the United States Air force (USAF) and previously flown by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The U-2R first flown in 1967 and is significantly larger and more capable than the original aircraft. The TR-1A is a tactical reconnaissance version flown in August 1981. The TR-1 was structurally identical to the U-2R. The last U-2 and TR-1 aircraft were delivered to the airforce in October 1989. A distinguishing feature of the two aircrafts is the added “superpod” under each wing. By 1992, all TR-1s and U-2s were redesignated as the U-2R. The U-2 provides a continuous surveillance, day and night. It also provides critical intelligence to decision makers through all phases of conflict such as peacetime indications and warnings, crises and hostilities. The U-2 incorporates a single-seat and engine, a high altitude, reconnaissance aircraft. The U-2 is also capable of collecting multi-sensor photo, electro-optic, infrared and radar imagery. The U-2 is currently being upgraded with a lighter engine and an additional Global Positioning System that superimposes geo-coordinates directly on collected images. The U-2 has a maximum speed of 510 mph and range of 3,500 mi in combat. The U-2 is still in front line service over 50 years after its maiden flight. The U-2 has outlasted its replacement, the Mach 3 SR-71, which retired in 1998. As of January 2006, Donald Rumseld, USAF’s Secretary of Defense, announced the pending retirement of the U-2 fleet. The termination of the U-2 program by the Pentagon will be no earlier than 2011. This model has measurements of: Span: 18″ Len: 11″ and Scale: 1/72

Replicas – Historic Models U-2R 1/72

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