Product Type: Replicas – Blank Guns 9mm

Replica Blank 9mm Guns - P29 Silver Blank firing gun 9mm

How our blank gun works:
Pull back the slide to load the first blank into the chamber. When the last blank is fired, the slide will lock back just like the real thing. Blank shells are ejected from the top of the barrel after each shot. This blank gun and all our blank guns are plugged and have an orange blaze at the front of the barrel in accordance with Federal Law. The pressure from each shot is released from the gas release hole in the top of the barrel. Fires both single & double action. Can be disassembled by a qualified gunsmith. Cannot be made to fire real ammunition.

Will hold (8) 9mm blanks in the magazine and (1) 9mm blank in the chamber. Silver Finish.

Calibre: 9mm Finish: Silver Weight: 860g Height: 122mm Length: 172mm Rounds: 8+1 Parts: 56 Manufacturer: Voltran

Please note, this blank gun only fires 9mm blank ammo, item 38-9MMBC (10 pack) and 38-9MMBC5 (50 pack)

Please read safety procedures prior to ordering. Be sure all safety practices are followed.

Replicas – Blank Guns 9mm P29 Silver Blank firing gun 9mm

P29 Silver Blank firing gun 9mm Price: $106.24

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