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Replica Historic Models - P-6E

Unbeatable museum quality best describes our handcrafted Curtis Hawk P-6E model airplane. After passing through the hands of master craftsmen, the parts are sanded and primed many times. Talented artists then paint on the intricate details with great accuracy. A final coat of clear lacquer protects the Curtis Hawk P-6E model and gives it a glossy finish. The Curtis Hawk P-6E model airplane comes with a handsome mahogany-based chrome pedestal, and to ensure that it is ready for delivery, it undergoes various stages of quality control before being placed in its box. The Curtis Hawk P-6E model airplane is perfect as an addition to a growing collection or as an exquisite gift to a loved one. Curtis Hawk P-6E History: The P-6E, a first-line pursuit aircraft of the early 1930s, was the last of the fighter biplanes built in quantity for the Army Air Corps. Originally designated the Y1P-22, it was later redesignated the P-6E because of the similarity to the other P-6 series airplanes. Although it was never used in combat, it is remembered as one of the most beautiful biplanes ever built. Despite its excellent performance, only 46 P-6Es were ordered because of the shortage of funds for the Air Corps during the austere days of the depression. The P-6E is the last fighter biplane made for the Army Air Corps in the early 1930?s. It was an American aircraft and considered as one of the most beautiful biplanes ever made but it was never used in combat. The Curtis Hawk P-6E?s served from 1932 onwards. They were in the service for the army until 1937 but the aircrafts were involved in a lot of accidents. That is why it became obsolete during the 1930?s. Instead of being modified, the Hawks were worn out in service or crashed.

Replicas – Historic Models P-6E

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