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Replica Old West Guns - Old West Cowboy Costume

We bring you the perfect solution for your next Halloween or Costume party. Purchase our cowboy costume package deal and save a few dollars. We have hand-picked the best selection of old west items and put them together at a great price. Peacemaker Replica Western Gun
(choice of nickel, grey or blued finish)
This Colt replica Civil War Era gun is a great collector’s item! A non-firing replica of the Peacemaker original hand gun is well known to western history aficionados. This piece replicates the original in size, weight and appearance, and the parts function much like the original. However, parts cannot be interchanged or the replica made to fire ammunition. Also a unique decorator piece! Wood and glass top wood display boxes are also available, as are holsters and dummy bullets for that stage prop or costume. Historic model information: The Colt Single Action Army revolver, aka Colt Peacemaker or Single Action Army model, is a single action revolver safely holding 5 rounds with an empty chamber under the hammer. It was designed for the US cavalry by Colt’s Manufacturing Company and adopted in 1873. It was one of the most famous pistols of the old west, having a similar fame as the Walker Colt and the Colt 1851 Navy. The .45 Colt ammunition is a protruding-rim cartridge originally loaded with black powder and intended for use in revolvers. .45 caliber Action Works 4.75&quot, barrel length: 10.5&quot, Weight: 2lbs Western Style Holster
(choice of single or double holster in S, M &amp, L sizes)
Right Draw Western Holster. What kid (or adult for that matter) wouldnt love to play Cowboys and Indians with a real holster for their toy gun? Or, how about a holster for use in displaying your replica? These Western-style brown tooled holsters are made from fine Spanish leather to fit the Colt Peacemaker series. Both single (right hand) and double versions are available in small (32 inches-36 W), medium (36 inches-40W), and large (40 inches-44 inches W) sizes. Western Style Badge
(choice of Tombstone, Texas Ranger or US Marshal)
Size: 2&quot, X 2&quot, Historically correct, solid copper, that are nickel-plated, then silver plated and finally antiqued. Complete with pin backs Dummy cartridges – 6 pack
Simulated dummy shells for use in our Western decorator models. Sold in Box of 6. Fits in the cylinders of the gun and will also fit in belt holster loops. Please note, due to the natural stretching of real leather, modifications may need to be made to the shells to fit tightly in the holster loops. Orderable add-ons include an extra gun (perfect for those who are ordering the double holster package) and extra dummy shells. If you would like to pick other items as your halloween package, please contact us.

Replicas – Old West Guns Old West Cowboy Costume

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