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Replica Historic Models - MD DC9 US Air Old Scheme 1 100

Our MD DC9 US Air “Old Scheme” model aircraft is modeled and handcrafted using various high-quality grade materials by our renowned master craftsmen. Our MD DC9 US Air “Old Scheme” model aircraft is uniquely designed and manufactured using the latest innovations and techniques applied in the over-all manufacturing and operation process procedures. The model airplane?s parts including the fuselage, wings and glass cockpit are extremely accurate and precise based on the original. This model aircraft will fascinate anyone, aviation enthusiast and model aircraft collectors alike for its remarkable and exceptional quality. This elegant MD DC9 US Air “Old Scheme” model aircraft is definitely the perfect gift and collectible you would want to give to your friends and family. MD DC9 US Air “Old Scheme” History: The McDonnell Douglas is a jet airliner manufactured in 1965 by McDonnell Douglas. The DC-9 version generally has a smaller pasenger capacity, shorter range and shorter field length capability compared with the Boeing 727. The DC-9 was produced in six versions and is currently operational on airlines all over the world. In April 1963, Douglas launched the DC-9 development project and the was intended as a shorter range companion to their larger DC-8. On February 1965, the first DC-9 prototype first flew and he second flew a few weeks later. The DC-9 was followed by the stretched and updated variants, the MD-80 and MD-90. The DC-9 was one of the longest-lasting aircraft in operation. The DC-9 family is one of the most successful jet airliners, with over 2,400 units produced and ranks third behind the second place Airbus A320 family with over 3,000 produced and the first place Boeing 737 with over 5,000 produced.

Replicas – Historic Models MD DC9 US Air “Old Scheme” 1/100

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