Product Type: Replicas – Displays Wood Hangers

Replica Displays - Large Wood Panoply

The large panoply display, carved from reliable solid wood, can showcase 2 (two) of your larger, heavier swords with grace and classical style. The design is based on the double-headed version of a “griffin”, a fabled monster spawned in classical mythology that sported the head and wings of an eagle, and the body of a lion. The griffin heads share royalty by wearing a kings crown. On the griffins chest is a shield, with 4 (four) decorative panels composed of opposing lions and castle towers. Your sword pieces are installed in the shield, cross-fashion, at the points where decorative scrolls emanate from the shield. Large Panoply, carved wood, (swords not included) 31.5″ x 25″.

Replicas – Displays Wood Hangers Large Wood Panoply

Large Wood Panoply Price: $367.49

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