Product Type: Replicas – Framed Gun Sets

Replica Framed Gun Sets - DELUXE HICKOK BOXED SET

This unique, elegant, and rugged non-firing replica is an exact reproduction of the Navy revolver carried by Wild Bill Hickok. This non firing replica of the famous .36 caliber 1851 Revolver is presented in a wood shadow box with a form fitting foam insert locks the model into place, allowing for table-top or wall-display. Following the Civil War, Bill Hickok became known as a well known scout, Indian fighter, lawman, and the most famous gunfighter of the frontier. It is said that this pistol never left his side. He was shot in the back during a poker game in a saloon in Deadwood, South Dakota in 1876. The hand he was holding (black Aces and Eights) is still known as the “Dead Man’s Hand” today. The re-creation is a masterpiece of the gunsmith?s art, sheathed in gleaming nickel with every screw, spring and fitting in full working order. Every sculpted detail of the bald eagle