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Replica Swords of the Cinema - Blades Deadly Glaive

This is the authentic reproduction of the glaive used by Blade the dark hero in Marvel Comic’s story of the same name. The deadly glaive is a dual-bladed weapon which Blade throws to slay vampires en masse. The glaive is a striking piece for any collection with a mirror polished finish and razor sharp edges. It can be folded down in half due to a lock-swivel hinge for easy storage. It is packaged with a eye-catching plaque that can be both wall-mounted and displayed on a desktop.
Blade is a “day walker” a half-breed vampire able to roam the world even in daylight which is fatal for regular vampires. He uses this ability to seek out and destroy full-bred vampires which prey on the masses regularly.
Get your authentic Blade: “Glaive” today!
Overall Length(unfolded): 9 3/4″
Blade Thickness: 1/8 ”
Blade Material: Double-edged stainless steel
Handle Material: Cast metal “handle” with silver decorations and black finish background.
Stand: approx. 10 5/8″ L x 3/4″ W x 7 1/2″ H. Includes “Blade” Decorative Insignia and mounting hardware
Blade is a trademark and copyright of Marvel Characters Inc. C 2000

Replicas – Swords of the Cinema Blade’s Deadly Glaive

Blades Deadly Glaive Price: $125.99

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