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Replica Civil War Pistols - 1851 Colt Revolver Replica Gun

The engraved Colt Navy revolver was a presentation piece given to high ranking military officers and government officials and was based on the military-issue 1851 Navy revolver, which saw service through the end of the Civil War. This non-firing version provides a dramatic illustration of the talents of the Colt factory engravers of the period. Samuel Colt designed the Colt Revolving Belt Pistol of Naval Caliber between 1847 and 1850-the actual year of introduction. It remained in production until 1873 when revolvers using fixed cartridges came into general use. The designation “Colt 1851 Navy” was applied by collectors, though the popular name “Navy Revolver” is of early origin. The cylinder is engraved. The 36 caliber Navy revolver, at an overall length of 14 inches, weighed 42 ounces and was much lighter than the contemporary .44 Colt revolvers designed to be carried in holsters on either side of a saddle pommel. KEY FEATURES: Non-fireable Functional mechanisms Authentic weight and detailing MEASUREMENTS: BARREL LENGTH: 7 3/8? OVERALL LENGTH: 13 5/8? WEIGHT: 2lb 1oz Item not permitted in Canada

Replicas – Civil War Pistols 1851 Colt Revolver Replica Gun

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